The Velveteen Bear

Design by dschwen

The Velveteen Bear by dschwen on Threadless
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dschwen profile pic Artist

When I first thought about 'pre-loved' or 'pre-owned' my mind went to the Velveteen Rabbit.

Then I thought the twist of the boy's stuffed animal coming to life would be hilarious, if it was the bear (aka pooh).


ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yeah probably too similar to be printed for a longggg time, but it's got a really nice execution. i especially like the texturing.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted - Score Now!'s almost the same exact pose as Roni & Mo's just-printed shirt.

KristenKC profile pic Alumni

Dude, i'm not okay with this. this is the exact same bear that was printed last week flipped horizontally! lame.

blue sparrow
blue sparrow profile pic Alumni

I like it but is there going to be a copyright issue?


I'm sure the resemblance was accidental, everyone. No one apes last week's success story on purpose. Move the righteous indignation along.


excellent style and awesome print texture!!

jamesf profile pic Alumni


dschwen profile pic Artist

Wow, I'm really sorry everyone. I wish I would have seen that design before I made this. It was a complete coincidence. I looked at a photo of a grizzly bear, for that pose I used.

I came up with the concept and idea, without even seeing that other shirt. I just thought the pre-loved idea worked so great with the velveteen bear concept.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

no worries david, obviously the similarity here is an complete accident. things like this happen all the time. at the very least it shows that this design probably would've printed, if the other one didn't exist. :)

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

bears rule!! nice execution!

dschwen profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Appreciate it.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Yeah - obviously just bad timing - there was another one even before the one that was printed too...

briancook profile pic Alumni

For what it's worth - I do really like the simplicity of yours and the texture is great! Here are the two people are talking about:

A Very Naughty Bear - which was not a reprint - just a first time print

Hooves in the Honey

dschwen profile pic Artist

Thanks all.
Yeah, I've been out of the threadless loop lately, so I haven't been seeing the ones being printed.

I might try to find a different example, for the velveteen concept.

KristenKC profile pic Alumni

so, i guess dschwen, i have to give you the benefit of the doubt if you say that you had no idea about the other design. it sucks when you think you have an original fun idea and another someone comes along and beats you to it. so i apologize.

dschwen profile pic Artist

I really appreciate it. I really does suck when you come up with an idea, and then see that someone has already done it!

I concepted around the idea of pre-loved. So my mind went to the velveteen rabbit, and how the boy loved his stuffed animal so much, that it came to life. I thought 'Winnie the Pooh' would be perfectly hilarious for this idea.

Again, many apologies, as I didn't see the other design first.

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