The Unluckiest Pirate

Design by mj00

The Unluckiest Pirate by mj00 on Threadless
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squid? octopus? squidopus?

antosh profile pic Alumni

haha, he will have to chop that tentacle of and replace it with a hook like the other ones:) very cute.

Diet Jay



I love the idea, but I think he should be more piratey and less depressing. but I guess being sad is the point...
I just like pirates too much, I guess.


I'd prefer a bit more shading.

mj00 profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments, everyone. I appreciate that you took the time to give me some feedback (which I'm definitely going to take into consideration on the next thing I draw).

mj00 profile pic Artist

Nonya, I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I think it's misguided. The reason I comment on submissions is because I truly want every person here to improve their skills. So when I see an area that can be improved, I let the designer know. Then, they're more informed about their strengths and weaknesses next time they submit.

The type of feedback that I give other people is the type of feedback I would most like to receive. It's all well and good to say of a design "Nice work," but that doesn't really tell the designer anything. I'm more interested in telling the designer exactly what I would change in order to give the design a 5.

My type of feedback might not be wanted by everyone, I realize that (though to the best of my knowledge none of the designers have complained yet). If a designer only wants positive feedback, they are welcome to note that on the first comment in their submission and I will abide by that.

(As it happens, I have plenty of experience with negative feedback- check out my first four submissions, they were pretty terrible. The feedback I got helped me create more successful shirts, so thanks to those who helped me out back then.)


wow, you're a good one mjoo... indeed.

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