The Universe Cycle

Design by expo



I really want this $$

EZFL profile pic Alumni

looks great and everything but, theres a series of these impossible shapes and objects that are filled with stars/space. Not saying you ripped it, but i think its too much like this design.

expo profile pic Artist

hey thanks for the comments & support so far , wow xiv really never saw that images abefore nd i like them , i love all the cosmos and space stuff so when i draw the circle the first thing that came into my mind was this idea , never saw this idea on a shirt before anyway , cheers man!!


Super cool

Skap 1er

supa cool!

expo profile pic Artist

thanks a lot for the comments , hey Perfect Disguise i checked your window design and i really like it but the blocked road one is amazing congrats ,

cheers ,

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

^ I agree with FA

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

cool but too similar of the link xiv gave


It is a nice and simple design that is very marketable.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni


Bakpak Mak

i was rooting for this one! congrats


Congrats, man! I voted well on this thing. I'm glad these folks saw what you had to offer.

expo profile pic Artist

Yeeeeaaah , wicked day today when i found out it was out for sale , , amazing , thanks a lot all who cmmented on this & specially who marked it $ , cheers u all guys , thanks threadless big time , amazing to be part of this community of talented people and now even better as an alumni club member , so cool!

cheers all , stay tuned!!

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