The Truth is Right There

Design by Ste7en

The Truth is Right There by Ste7en on Threadless
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The little kid's shirt...awesome touch.


lmao, love it 5$


could the aliens be more subtly hidden?

still a 4... love it

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bexxxxx on Jul 14 '06
I like the people that the "things"


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nice illustration, the hawaiian costume is great.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

it's up!
good job steve!

tomburns profile pic Alumni

5 for aliens! haha ;)


With or w/out text, very funny. Love the aliens' outfits!


Why is your "Don't Walk" sign green?

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"Why is your "Don't Walk" sign green?"

For three reasons:

The first reason is artistic, because I needed to tie the green in the aliens with something on the opposite side of the design to make it feel like a whole, and not two designs put together.

The second reason, was a subtle joke about how the green aliens arent walking..they are floating.

The third reason is because I only had 4 colors to work with and I wanted the sign to look lit up and my other colors werent bright.


The martians are playing it cool. Only kids can see such things.

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jazzy jay: its just a title, its not a part of the design, so it cant be a design no-no, but thanks for the advice


thanks for your answer about
the green "Don't walk sign"

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