The Town Musicians of Beirut

Design by queenmob

The Town Musicians of Beirut by queenmob on Threadless
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queenmob profile pic Artist

I grew up with the fairy tale of the Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm. In this fairy tales, four animals past their prime years are mistreated by their masters, and they decide to flee together. The most known “position” of the animals is when they stand on each other’s back to look into a house.

I wanted to do an “Arabian Nights” version of this fairy tale, just because I thought it was interesting. I decided for a camel, a coyote, a Egyptian cat and a peacock. I decided to leave the house out, because I believe it would have been too much content for the picture.


I'd buy this :D


great one!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

very nice

queenmob profile pic Artist

thanks! I am wondering, is this fairy tale well known in the USA? It is in Austria :-)

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

nice, clean illustration!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

so rad!!


beautiful illustration!

ndikol profile pic Alumni



love your stuff dude would like to know what you use to submit designs and how you go about it, illustrator, Photohsop or flash
5 by the by.

Laura Crites

This is a really interesting design, very eye catching. Beautiful work


oh super cute illustration

queenmob profile pic Artist

thanks guys! it's actually the first time I tried the illustration style without an outline (well, not with that much content). Im not sure yet if I want to keep it up....

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

this WILL print $5

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