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The total package

Design by Montro

The total package by Montro on Threadless
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Montro profile pic Artist

The shipping was really expensive so you better 5$ it!

Oh and yeah, the recycle symbol and/or barcode could go on the sleeves.

Montro profile pic Artist

haha actually, it´s not a pregnancy shirt it´s just a box that contains a person inside.


This is totally awesome.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

I'm not into the look of this one. I think you have much better stuff. I like the elephant sub you just did, can't wait to vote on that.


One thing: I noticed you spelled larynx with two "L"'s, and I can only find it spelled with one L in the dictionary.


very nice! I liked, but wouldn't buy... too few people would be able to read and understand it =(

- in case of malfunction, appendix can be removed without any functional damage


On a onsie or hoodsie for babies!! Pleeeeaassee. Love it!!!!
Like the nuts comment.

Neon Samurai

Yeah, I see brown too. Nice design. $5

d3d profile pic Alumni

i would have really like to see some photographic tape lines or seams on it. pretty handsome though. it appeals to my inner box.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

nice score!


Omg, i love this shirt. I hope it gets printed!

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