the th.. th.. drinker

Design by i carnt spel

the th.. th..  drinker by i carnt spel on Threadless
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I'd like it better if it was just the guy in the mullet, without the statue behind him. The pose and the alcohol bottles do it on their own.


Fuckin' A, damn straight you get a 5.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

It's all really well done until you look at the bottles, which look hand-drawn awkwardly while everything else looks sculptural.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Too many styles not meshing well here.
Shadow perspectives are all off.

If you were going for abstract- then you took a few steps too far because it does not express "the idea more clearly and gives you a direct basis of comparison". In fact, it's LESS clear to many of us viewers. The phrase 'less is more' can apply here.

Lastly, I think if Rodin were still alive today, he'd kick himself for ever chiselling out The Thinker for all the dang parodies it's birthed.

But you know what DOES look interesting? The 4 bottles you have cropped at the bottom. They look really smooth & great- as if they are a direct illustration with your own personality that hasn't basically been copied from another artist. Shame they aren't even part of the design.


trickypink said it best.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Don't patronize me, i carnt spel.

The point of my comment was not to bash copying- which is, no matter what you type, indeed what you have done to a degree. There is nothing wrong with parodies- hell, I myself have a Threadless print which was a parody of The Last Supper.

The main point of my critique was to point out the most aesthetically pleasing part of your illustration, the cropped out bottles- which are not reproduced from a 19th century artist. Whether you like it or not, there have been so many poor reproductions of Rodin's The Thinker that it, sadly, has become "overused imagry".

I was NOT labelling you as "unoriginal, copiers, or anything so untohought out or derogatory." So please refrain from typing words in my mouth. Many great artists, from Warhol to Threadless' own Glennz, have succeeded by copying and expanding upon others' ideas. What you created here, however, is not so much parody as it is kitsch.
As stated before- it lacks your own artistic personality. It appears you poured sweat into tracing out The Thinker, copying & pasting him, and then slapping on thong shoes & a mullet on the copy (which looks contrived & not natural, by the way).

The perspective of your shadows & the empty bottle on the right side are way off and confusing. The dartboard shadow looks bizzare where it is. The choppy lights & darks of The Thinker Twin's "skin" looks messy and doesn't blend with the rest of the illustration (ie, the bar stool, bottles, shadows, Mullet Thinker's clothing).

It's funny how you tell me to " take a step back, be a little less serious, and just enjoy yourself" when it looks like you had a hard time creating this illustration. The only "fun", carefree part are, as said 27 gazillion times, the cropped out bottles at the bottom which are not even included in your shirt design. Even the way you made your t-shirts down the right side seem like you had a good time making them.

And, yeah, the ink color choices aren't so great either.

I typed far too much already but I hope you do understand what I was mainly trying to say. And take the critiques of the many comments above to heart.

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