The struggle within us

Design by Montro

The struggle within us by Montro on Threadless
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Great Job. Agree about the animals, but man, that's a freakin awesome design. How long did it take you?


So lovely! $5!


yes, this is great job! great color combo!


mmmmmmm loooovely 8)


I absolutely adore it!!!!! But I would like to see it in a different colour. The design is stunning, but I personally dont' know anyone who could look good in that colour. I still vote 5 though.


Man-- I love Pegasus so much that I hate to agree about taking her out-- Dragon too. :-/


That is an awesome design without the dragon and pegasus!! But I agree with moovingcow4u about balancing the animals if you are going to keep them.

Montro profile pic Artist

I just wanted to break the symmetry, but y'all make excellent points.

However, imurray hit it right on the head... this particular contest is about peace/hate and the mythical beasts simply represent the struggle and the battle the couple needs to overcome to stay together. Balancing out the animals may be the safest way to go without compromising the concept.

Thank you all for the great comments!!


Regardless what the mythical beasts represent, it is still getting in the way of the appeal in the design.

chopanier profile pic Alumni

I find the placing quite appealing as well. An obvious $5
Hell, I'd buy it even if the Pegasus was taking a dump on the dragon!

You can't please everyone anyways, if you felt designing it the way you did I will support your judgement...after all, the execution is impeccable.


this wow'ed me. nice color choice and execution.


It's a toss-up between this and Final War. Whichever one wins, I win.


Yes! i want it so bad;
its amazing

Okkin Blazamut

hoooooooooooooleeeee crap, this is awesome


When is this going to be printed? you have so many really good designs, Montro


omg, if this is printed, I would buy it so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss scoring this?!

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