The Stars; Our Movie

Design by Semper Optimus

The Stars; Our Movie by Semper Optimus on Threadless
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Semper Optimus
Semper Optimus profile pic Artist

a couple sneaks out into the night to watch the stars.
the stars are our midnight movie.

purple shirt with black silhouettes, light yellow stars, and a gradient ink process for the tree and grass.

Semper Optimus
Semper Optimus profile pic Artist

it could always just be navy for guys and purple for girls, or both for both.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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purrfect tee color and great midnight sentiment here.


looks really nice. wonder how it wld look in real print.


Oh, I love this shirt. So cute. I would definitely get it.


I would like this better with star shapes instead of spot shapes. i realize that's what stars really look like, I just like the five-point star best.

Semper Optimus
Semper Optimus profile pic Artist

my first design had five point stars. they looked cliche. and thanks everyone that likes it!


I like it! I own reach for the stars and star light, star bright. I think that if the stars were glow in the dark, that'd seal the deal!


so pretty, I love the purple!


I think glowing stars would make it a little tacky.


love it. but i agree - no purple. inky blue or dark grey.


Please not on the purple!!!


first of all, nothing personal. but i have to say this design just isn't good. it's cliche and boring, and doesn't have anything to do with the theme. ok "midnight," sure i guess, but where are the "movies"? this lacks creativity and concept. i would myself be upset if this won the secret handshake contest.

Semper Optimus
Semper Optimus profile pic Artist

dear toomanytentacles.
thank you for your lack of reading ability.
you're in the minority.
i guess cliche is in.



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