The Sour Monkey

Design by Monomoose

The Sour Monkey by Monomoose on Threadless
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Monomoose profile pic Artist

There is a Sour Monkey in us all, this one just happens to wear a little hat and bow tie.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

bow ties make anyone sour


I love the illustration

Monomoose profile pic Artist

thankyou-thankyou-thankyou;) still learning the whole threadless vibe but hopefully this one is heading the right direction!

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

Really Nice Work!

jillustration profile pic Alumni

This is a nice drawing, but try to promote your designs in the blog forum. Leaving links to your design on other people's designs is generally considered poor form here. It's much more helpful if you write a blog about your design and then bump it periodically, you're much more likely to get positive attention that way.

Monomoose profile pic Artist

really? thanks for the tip! still trying to figure out how things work around here. i wasn't linking to mine at first but saw so many others doing it thought it was the norm. thanks for coming by all the same:)

jillustration profile pic Alumni

Naw, people do that WAY too much in the critique forum. While it's not liked so much it's generally accepted there (I don't like it myself, which is why I never go in the critique forum anymore). Don't do it on actual subs, it detracts attention from the sub being scored and is generally considered rude. You're new though, so I'll let you off easy ;)


nice tee.. $5


Cool illo!


Very nice illustration.

Monomoose profile pic Artist

cool thanks everyone for voting! can't wait to finish my next sub:)

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