The Socratic Method

Design by grayehound

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very cool, great work.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

superb work, i admire your attention to detail in the greek illustration style...five&buy

pilihp profile pic Alumni

woohoo!! awesome details.


AHAHAHA! Brilliant work!

jublin profile pic Alumni

my art history would probably give me an A if i wore this shirt! hurry ap and get it printed grayehound! hurry!!!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great colour. great detail. two thumbs waaaaaaaaaaay up!


Toga! Toga! Awesome work. :)

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

cha-ching! I agree with rob: great detail and great idea!

staffell profile pic Alumni

5$ I'd wear this


Wow!! The attention to detail is just amazing.... you even got the greek spelling correct. $5

Gringz profile pic Alumni

haha, great!

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

like this.
awesome details.
and the "lambda lambda lambda" is a revenge of the nerds cool hidden joke!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Nice. Very nice.


I'm in a sorority, and I take any chance I get to make fun of it...$5, especially for the Revenge of the Nerds reference.



mezo profile pic Alumni

I will wear this while doing a kegstand. THIS AND ONLY THIS. Nudie kegstands!!!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

You are not just a god graye, you are now a greek adonos (spellcheck that Manos please!) $5

Ava Adore

yep nice!, excellent detail!


printprintprint!!! pleasepleaseplease!!!

grayehound profile pic Artist

I was pretty bummed when I saw the goldilocks shirt on monday cuz I'd just finished subbing this when it came up. I completely missed goldilocks, but if I had seen it I might've found another solution for this. I'm glad ya'll like it, tho...thanks for the great comments!

Raj Mahtaj

Hope this gets printed.


You even nailed how Socrates died (poison). Quality work through & through with the style and the blending of old Greece with today's college greek culture. A+ !

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

graye, you always impress, and you're one of the best artists around this place...great stuff as always


it is a great design and deserves to get printed. 5.


i think it'd be EVEN better if there was some man on man action... to show what the Socratic method REALLY was

grayehound profile pic Artist

I had reference from Classical Greek vases to make sure I got the style right, but otherwise it's completely mine. A big bunch of friends can vouch for its authenticity...they saw the sketches and stages as it developed.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

Holy cow, the detail on this is insanely amazing, $5. A print for sure!

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

hehe impeccable 5$


Haha, very nice.


I'm confused! People like me take comfort in believing that nothing even remotely clever could ever come from, be related to, or even come into somewhat close proximity to anything semi-related to a fraternity. This is good. Really good. Quit messing with my head, man.

grayehound profile pic Artist

thanks everyone for the great feedback! much appreciated!

toiletmitten, in case you aren't kidding, the image is a take off of Socrates' execution by the leaders of Athens. He willingly drank hemlock rather than be kicked out of the city, in my case from a beer bong while being cheered on by his frat brothers. there's an added reference to Revenge of the Nerds (the nerd fraternity was Lambda Lambda Lambda) in there just to add flavor.

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

Wow, thanks for your wonderful comment! I always love your designs. This one in particular is very epic.

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