The shining game

Design by Patrick Seymour

The shining game by Patrick Seymour on Threadless
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dacat profile pic Alumni

I love the idea and the shading is awesome! For the Shining thing, I might have put trees/bushes, but this looks good!

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

amazin! 555$

herky profile pic Alumni

Great reference to the Shining. I would love to see this in a light blue monochromatic color scheme as well (kind of like the snow scene). Nice work


do the mazes match up? because i don't think they do and that bothers me.

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

yeah the Mazes match! So this make this tshirt amazing ;)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is insanely clever, but i think it could benefit from a more conservative "newspaper jumble" presentation, should include the words on the shirt to make the shinig reference the tiniest bit more obvious, and say in small lettering somewhere "Answer Key on Back of Shirt!" like the newpapers and magazines say about answers being on page 108 or something. Great reference nonetheless, and i loooooooooove labyrinths o so much.


the reference should be a little more obvious, although i got it. the text maybe overkill, but a bigger axe and snow appropriate color scheme would make this perfect.


this is awesome, but I think the text would be good on this shirt. the white background looks weird on the green shirt. maybe just put the green maze on a dark grey shirt?


really nice.. i like it.. love the shining theme $5

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