the science of the lambs...

Design by Duckling

the science of the lambs... by Duckling on Threadless
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Alex M. Solefish

this is hilarious--it needs the text!


like the idea, don't like the guy sleeping nor text

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This idea actual becomes more clever with every second i think about it...without the text, it would just be looking at the moments before the bathroom door icon wakes up, rinses his mouth in a urinal, and assumes his spot on the proper door of his sex. Nice work!


The color of the sheep's eyes (the red) doesn't really go with the color choices (at least as far as I can judge), but you should keep the text. Also, I like and understand why you used the public sign of a sleeping man, but it doesn't really fit in with the design as a whole.

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