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The Sand King's Calamity

Design by cbuchholz

The Sand King's Calamity by cbuchholz on Threadless
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cbuchholz profile pic Artist

The older men of the city were mocked for their bizarre ideologies and prophecies. In great detail they would describe their maker, a figure as tall as fifteen men, but with the appearance of a child, and his skin was smooth, not rough as theirs was. They spoke of how he had created them using only his hands and two brightly colored tools.

They also warned of a great flood, a rising of the tide. Nobody believed the stories, not even the prideful Sand King! One day, the unthinkable happened. The water DID rise, and nearly everyone was killed. The King was fortunate to be the only survivor; however, guilt can weigh on a man like a millstone tied around the neck. The tortured King lives for only one purpose; he travels from castle to castle, mile after mile on his horse, warning the townspeople of the great flood.

Is there really a sand king? Most would say probably not. But the next time you're at the beach, you'll most likely notice out of the corner of your eye something scurrying along the sand. You turn your head to see what it is, but find nothing. A common sand crab most likely, or could it be…?

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jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Well done. I like the pink color, looks like a sunset, which adds a whole other metaphoric layer.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Wow. I wish that whole story was printed on the shirt as well! Oh, and if anybody complains about the yellow... it's SAND, people! Yellow is fantastic. I love yellow. Yellow yellow yellow.


ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is really awesome! One of my faves of yours!!


I love your explanations of your subs :)

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i reallyreally like how that pinkish-purple color works in this design. it gives it a lot more depth and interest. great use of complimentary colors :D


. . . and don't forget about those glass houses too ! :D

It's a rough life when everything around you keeps crumbling . . . poor guy :(


uhh oo battle of epic preportions between you and glennz here... it ends in a tie from me though 5

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Ay yai yai! you're dominance on Threadless persists for eternity. Faints.

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

poetic, and beautifully drawn. (so...the same old shit from you, really. jeez man, mix it up a bit!)

the czar



You are amazing. I love you and I love your designs.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Unstoppable Threadless Force. 5$

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great! the story behind it is such a nice touchh

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Dude you got some serious skills. Can you slow down a bit for the rest of us so we can win one. Where's your personal website? $5


fricken awesome!



mezo profile pic Alumni

I like your stuff better than glennz's. But don't tell him I said that. Great touch tossing in that soft pink! 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great touch tossing in that soft pink may sound dirty, but I SWEAR I didn't mean it dirty!


^ I agree with the soft pink touches... just gives it that bit of oomph... great colour combo... another impressive sub. 5

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Good stuff.


Damnit. Can I have your babies and make a t-shirt factory? $5!


The illustration is good, and the story is excellent. But I don't think the illustration gets the point across. It's pretty ambiguous. Maybe that's what you were going for, I don't know. I think it would be really cool to include the story.


I love it.

chopanier profile pic Alumni

I love you 5$

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments everybody!!

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Vaden, maybe this IS the Burger King. Perhaps he's looking for his SANDwich. HAHA I'm a dork.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

why are you so good? :-) i looooove all your designs man 5$

artdrops profile pic Alumni

Very nice!!

artdrops profile pic Alumni

I'm curious, how long did this take you to design and what you used to create? photoshop?

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for the comments! Artdrops, this took about 20 hours, and it's all done in Illustrator.


alway love Your textures. Nice job once again


this is cool, but the perspective of the sand castle just doesn't look good. 3


this is cool, but the perspective of the sand castle just doesn't look good. 3

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

woops... nearly forgot to comment, actually just stopped in to check the score that isnt there yet. You consistently create great designs... you dont need me to tell you that though, they are obviously time consuming. 5$

aled profile pic Alumni

Artistically, I think this is brilliant. The pink/red used in the waves is just an example of great colour selection. Sorry to see this score under 3 as I think it deserved higher.


This is infinitely better than the Glennz submission. ^^

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

this deserve like a freakin 4.5, what the hell is wrong you ppl!


Yes, I still like this a lot.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

This is just wonderful. I absolutely love it. I'm not a religious man, but I'll be praying that this gets printed!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Bangkok? This is what happens when amazing designs don't get printed. Anyway, I just read the wonderful story behind this again, and marveled at the awesome skill of the illustration. I wish cbuchholz would make a children's book out of this!

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

this is such an epic design



Beautiful. Too bad it hasn't been printed!

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