The Saddest of Farewells

Design by zipperking

The Saddest of Farewells by zipperking on Threadless
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zipperking profile pic Artist

So, due to the recent controversy behind my Magical Zipper shirt, this will be the last design I submit to Threadless. It truly saddens my heart to know that I have broken the trust between myself and the community here. I would however like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last years and I wish you all the very best of luck. This truly is the Saddest of Farewells.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

that's sweet man

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

wait. what! don't leave.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

This is awesome!

Wait what happened?

Montro profile pic Alumni

You have to rise above it. At the very least get a new account and come back with a vengeance :).

The king looks amazing btw.

Salty Rubberbands

The money wasn't taken away, was it?

Wann waaaaan waaaaaaaaaaann.


stick around, i like your designs!


this breaks my heart. great sub.
don't go!

courtney pie

no no no. don't go!
damn, wish i'd bought my cart before

danrule profile pic Alumni

I think it's ok actually, it's appropriation.

aled profile pic Alumni

I forgive you! $5

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

your a classy guy -


Damn it, I was this close to buying the magical zipper shirt but decided to hold off and now I'll never have the chance again Sob. Still as W.I ( wearinginfuences) said you will always have the honour of having designed the most limited edition shirt ever. I'm sure that in 10 years this shirt will cost $1000 on Ebay! I checked the site that W.I lead us to and whether it was a big influence on you or not, yours was better. I think you're right not to sub anymore, just on the basis that Threadless are unlikely to print other stuff you do, but I'm sure other sites will. All the best with all you do !

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is an awesome sub!

That whole thing made me sad - and so far, the outcomes are making me sadder (though I understand them). Good luck!


Wow! What a design!
aww no. a design saying goodbye . . . . :(

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The controversy is dead.

Long live the zipper-king!

Sorry to see you go man. It doesn't seem like you've lost the trust or admiration of many people.

herky profile pic Alumni

amazing design!


This design is downright awesome. I really wish we could see more from you :(

Talking To The Ground

the only thing similar to that design and wiener man land is the freakin' zipper!
and like that hasn't been used before! I think you got a jipped man.
Stay here!


I like this design. you shouldn't leave, we need more subs like this.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is an amazing design... it's like a select.



sweet... really hope you dont leave i love your stuff



Edword profile pic Alumni

nice design! sorry that happen man! you got skillz!


oh, and i like this better on black.


I love your art. $5. Please don't go. Leaving will only make the haters smile.


BLACK BLACK BLACK!!! love it adore it. make it!!

zipperking profile pic Artist

thanks for all the great comments everyone. I'll see you guys later.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

it really is

i'm hoping he comes out of retirement for reals

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