The Romance of the Hotdogs

Design by omnicat

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holy crap - wickedly radical.


oooh, just a tiny thing, but not sure that having the tiny rear paw red is doing anything good - maybe p'rhaps just make it the same brown ya?
heh, so rad.


don't need the comparison. doggie alone with mustard is more than enough.


Not very original, but not badly done.




change the psuedowangfoot to brown... & $5


well here's my two cents. like a few others i think you should keep the idea strong and simple. so i think the shirt would rock if it were just the weiner dog with mustard. No hotdog. No tear. No red foot. You might mistake it for his "lipstick" :D

And with the 3 color options I'd most likely go with the torquoise shirt. Last thing, maybe consider adding black as a color to give the dog more detail.

really like the idea; haven't seen it quite like that. might be around somewhere but i haven't seen it personally. rock on.


I really like the idea, but I think it should be a little more clear why the dog's crying. Maybe you could have a bite taken out of the hotdog or something.


That T is awesome, cute, simple and just great!

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