The Red Mage

Design by Alex Tree

The Red Mage by Alex Tree on Threadless
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Alex Tree
Alex Tree profile pic Artist

This design originated as an abstract watercolor painting, but it has since been stylized to this design.

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I enjoy it the red mage supposed to form the outline of a skull with the cape and smoke behind it? There's something that turns me off as much as i like the illo and concept....maybe the primary colors all mashed together, maybe the lack of more detail, but SOMETHING. I'll still rate it high because it's a really cool piece.


Took me a while to 'see it', but I'll rate 5. I'd try and cut down on the colours being used and simplify it, to improve it.

Alex Tree
Alex Tree profile pic Artist

wow, I never saw that skull aspect until just now! That was completely unintentional. I'm looking at this on a desktop monitor now, instead of my laptop, and the colors do look rather harsh...they could have been toned down. thanks for the comments.

Captain Trips

Damn, Alex, you should have told me this was up for submission! I love it and want one! Excellent use of colors and space. Another beautiful creation!

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