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haha weird and lovely

alvarejo profile pic Alumni



just one bird would be a $5, but that's a nice 4 as it is


nice design, but boo on the copy and paste.

Maddog58 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, and if you study the design, you'll see it's more than cut and paste job...I love it, everyone's an art critique - especially those that don't create art - that's what makes this site so much fun. Keep the comments coming.

Maddog58 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the suggestion (the Haunt Of), I appreciate that you didn't refer the color changes as cut and paste. I'm working on a 2nd version. And you are correct, they never put their heads in the sand, it's just more fun to design from the myth rather than the truth.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm really loving the colors and how it makes my eyes sweat just by looking at it. not really a fan of the idea tho, but still a high score I'm giving here based on colors choice and overall awesomeness of the design.

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