The Prisoner Wishes To Say A Word

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The Prisoner Wishes To Say A Word by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

nice characters, love the fish sliced in half


Yes ! This is my favorite of yours so far :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow...2.51 for your original one is pretty damned good no matter what the redux does. I really don't know which one i like more...but the fact is i like them, so that really is the correct answer right?


This amuses me greatly.


The kilt kind of looks like a sweater, but I definately like the Braveheart reference better than the pirate thing you did before. Great concept! 5$

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

nice, though his tail looks extremely phallic to me

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

5$ again


I like the Pirate one better.... But it is still a great concept.

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

I liked the other one better


Maybe make the shield a bit bigger and the spike a bit smaller, it kinda does look like a little wormy sombrero.

Otherwise, $5. Funny.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Haha! Damn you, Mel Gibson! Nice job, urb.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

His tail looks like a..

Penis! Big fucking erect penis!

- Tom Cruise


Love it. $5
Totally imagined the "Freedom!" Angry Scottish worm cry, from the Worms game when I saw this.
Good stuff.

aled profile pic Alumni

This is great. I'm sorry I didn't think to suggest this the first time, but it makes the concept work so much better. Well done.

aled profile pic Alumni

I didn't mean that to sound how it did - I just meant when it was in the crit it would have been wise to think of it then. But I'm sure you understood. Got nut'n but love for you.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

i like it, but i don't think you need the text. especially in the placement it's currently in.


I agree, great but you don't need the text.. awesome!!


I definitely laughed harder at this redo. Very nicely done. Love the colors and who can resist a Braveheart reference?

$5 and a buy, fo' sho'

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