The Pollution Beast

Design by DragonDreamer87

The Pollution Beast by DragonDreamer87 on Threadless
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DragonDreamer87 profile pic Artist

This is a design based- ironically - off of the idea of Global Warming.
It probably would have been a good one to submit for the green contest, but... shrug

This is my first design on Threadless, by the way.
And... probably my last, at least for a while. (Since I don't currently own the programs needed to make any more. XD)


Reminds me of some of the stuff in X by CLAMP.

DragonDreamer87 profile pic Artist

Lol, well, its just one of those "starving artist" symptoms I guess. XD I can't afford them.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D :D


ooooh, looks wicked!


I see earth and the fire now...
but it first looked like a dragon eating spiderman...

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

Great work on this one. I agree that the fire is still the weak point of the design. Everything else is really great though.


Very very cool! Try to make visible the earth under the flames, just my opinion;)

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