The Pleasure Pole

Design by burgz

The Pleasure Pole by burgz on Threadless
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burgz profile pic Artist

Some people start fires, some people fight fires, and there are those who ignore fires and stare at Blaze do her thing on the Pleasure Pole.

artdrops profile pic Alumni

I think it takes only a milisecond to figure out what's going on, keep as is, I like it.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, Junk-wa's might be a better concept. But this is a pretty good one as well, I like the main fireman's grumpy face and the fact that the others are ignoring an emergency to stare at the pretty lady.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Too busy.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i agree, remove the guy so you easily get the point across with the girl and firefighters. you did a great tweak to your ninja family design and it payed off, do the same here. still a 5 for the design though

burgz profile pic Artist

Junk-Wa: That is a wickedly funny idea! Thanx for the comments guys.


Perfect as it is mate - i wouldn't wear a shirt with a poledancing fireman

And calling her blaze? Thats genius. 5$


I maybe think you should simplify it. You should definetely lose the box, though. And maybe switch the position of the stripper/crowd and the firefighter?

Also, I'd maybe cut the alarm-lights and use the color for her skin instead. She blends too much with the background as it is. Giving her a skincolor would really make her pop, and you wouln't have to switch their positions.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I think the idea would come out better if you swapped the firefighter and the pole dancer's positions, so she would be the first thing you would see in the front with all the fighters gathered arond with big smile on their faces, and the fire fighter's grumpy expression in the background would still be part of the joke. but yeah, there's no need for the pole dancers box. We get the joke. Really funny idea and well-drawn besdies that. 3.

burgz profile pic Artist

Thanx for all suggestions...the funny thing is the box was a last minute iten that I just put in. I thought that the message would have gotten lost: like why is there a pole dancer dancing in a fire hall? Well it's all in the pole and that so happens to be a dancing pole not a fire fighters pole, hence the box. but I guess it was overkill.


nice idea, i don't like the faces and it's all a bit too much.


The illustration is good, but I don't think this is a very good idea for a t-shirt.

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