The Pinwheel of Death!

Design by polynothing

The Pinwheel of Death! by polynothing on Threadless
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polynothing profile pic Artist

This is for anyone who's had to design or work on any large files on a Mac... It's what designers dread when they work in house on slow computers... This particular pinwheel can function as a cool t-shirt, while striking fear into the hearts of your fellow mac users, and can also help pass the time while standing in line at the grocery store or bank. Hope you guys like it.


Even the sight of it on a t-shirt made my heart skip a beat. good job.


i dont have a mac but ive used one when editing a movie a few times... things a pain

great halftones and looks great on a shirt


beesneak profile pic Alumni

way cool....print it up


haha nice!
yeah in the mac lab, we call it the spinning beach ball and i always want to puncture it.

polynothing profile pic Artist

XIV: most places I've worked for call it either the "spinning beachball of doom", or the "pinwheel of death" Which is funny, cuz wikipidea even sites both names.... :) Either way... pure evil!


Like Brandon I don't have a Mac either and I had no idea what this was until now...

However I have experience the pinwheel of death working on Macs before.

Great Job and Idea!!!


the gig of ram im getting for my G5 today should drastically reduce my 'pinwheel of death' time. very excited

sweet design. 4

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Yeah, when it does that on my mac, I make it bounce around and off of stuff like a beachball, or do a power roll like Sonic the hedgehog.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

I hate that pinwheel bastard - 5$


pretty ill...

polynothing profile pic Artist

Opifan: I'm pretty unsure, usually if it pinwheels for more than 5 minutes, I manually turn it off... damn pinwheel!


this makes me laugh because there have been so many times that damned pinwheel appears and tries to kill my computer!!
Cool idea!


I don't know much about Macs, so I just learned something.

When I first saw it I thought of the Punisher symbol
( the one on his chest ) mixed with candy or a lollipop.
So those clueless about Macs are going to wonder what
in the world is that symbol all about.

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

clever use of colors!!!!!!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

this is ace... im thinking about a macbook pro, but pc's have worked for me so far, im scared of change, 5$

polynothing profile pic Artist

It's definitely mac specific... "the pinwheel of death" or "beachball of doom" is a spinning Icon that goes on your screen usually to show that it's going to take more time to complete a task... but more commonly happens before a program freezes up. Thus the "of death" or "doom" added to the nickname.


beachball of doom...hahha. $5

polynothing profile pic Artist

Transcom: agreed. I think it'd be best smaller on the shirt... So if it gets picked up for print, I'll make sure it's at least 1/3 smaller than shown placed above :) Thanks for the feedback!


Yup, a little smaller and it 's good


5 dollares!

too bad PC users might not get it.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

noice! $5!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I don't have a Mac, but this looks cool still!

polynothing profile pic Artist

Word! Thanks for all your comments guys! I can totally see how this is specific to mac (sorry PC users)... Anyhow, keep them comments a'rockin!

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

nice design 5

polynothing profile pic Artist

Wow! 63 comments! Thanks so much guys! If ther's still time, keep em a rockin... I'm curious to see the score for this, as it's pretty mac user specific!


haha, as a graphic designer using Illustrator and photoshop at the same time, i know this pinwheel far too well.

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