The Phoenix Tree

Design by jrmasm

The Phoenix Tree by jrmasm on Threadless
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jrmasm profile pic Artist

I sat down with the intention to draw a robot dragon. Kind of a cyber-punk St. George thing. This is what I came up with instead. Simulated process printing.

As always, thanks for looking, voting and if so inclined commenting.


The bottom part (tail) looks a little like a cut off. Maybe you could've added some grass or ground so it didn't end so abruptly.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yeah, I'm not digging the placement of this, it might work best as a belt print or just larger print in the front, but very nice imagery indeed.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Great !! though I agree some roots would be nice


My Favorite part is the little tiny branch/claw by his's the little things. $$5

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D


would very much like to wear it

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