The Performer

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The Performer by .MINUS. on Threadless
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He's got six arms and five eyes and he's juggling (a football, a knife, a baseball, a tennis ball, a bowling pin, a batton, a basketball, a apple, and a puck) on a tightrope that's really high up in the sky! Seems pretty simple to me brittencore! : )


cool! Ornage w/ bottom placement would be awesome!!



.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments! Glad to know like 5 people are digging it! : )

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks FairyQueen! That's a great suggestion. It looks good on most colors but I liked how the louder colors (Gold, Poppy Orange, Crazy Pink) went with the design.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

This is awesome!

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