The Penrose Baby

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tomburns profile pic Artist

hes a dreamer. the penrose triangle is now a reality. next up, potty training.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni
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great concept and (as always) great execution. 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

That baby's noggin has its own weather system! It's HUUGE! HEAD!!! MOOOVE!!! Aww, he's gonna go cry himself to sleep on his gigantic pillow!!!

Mike Myers quotes aside, this is fabbo. Funny and eye catching, and after your eye is caught it twists the retina to see crazy things in it. 5$

artdrops profile pic Alumni

nice one tom!

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

Cool, I think this is the winner! $5

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice! sweet eye trickery!

DCASTELLO profile pic Alumni
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Great design.
The subject matter me resembles the great Dutch artist, Maurits Cornelis Escher.
I believe that to the baby would need a bit more of hair, or to take it more towards the forehead.
5$ !!

tomburns profile pic Artist

thanks dudes! yeah its a big head, but babys have some bigass heads though, haha

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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winner! 5$! :D


Weird baby indeed!

mezo profile pic Alumni

LOL @ babies with a combover!

courtney pie

that is messin with my eyes

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

That would explain why he's got a big old giant baby head, magic powers!!

tomburns profile pic Artist

"Armenian on Aug 15 '07
This is great though I would prefer without the baby"

well that would definately defeat the entire purpose of the blocks all together.

i really dont see how the baby is weird, but im sure more hair could be added if that is what is making it weird, although i did the drawing initially from a photo, so there is certainly no proportion problem.

thanks for the comments!

tomburns profile pic Artist

i know, it was the first part about how it wouldnt make any sense to have baby blocks without the baby that i was replying to you about

sonmi profile pic Alumni

the new baby is much better. nice work as usual tom! looks like a print

slaterock profile pic Alumni

haha, looks pretty good tom.

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Baby with more hair version is the winnar. Don't change anything else. $5

tomburns profile pic Artist

thanks sonmi! i wish i could have come to the threadless party to meet you in person, i wa in chicago, but i had to take photos at a musical event there! :(

tomburns profile pic Artist

thanks, i like the version with more hair better too now. i am impatient when it comes to subbing designs

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

that is excellent, nice take on the compo dude


Nice one - and babies do have huge heads - ones with great brains anyway (like mine :-).

Such concentration! That's what does it for me.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

superbly trippy man...


weird fingers!!!


potty training should be a breeze... the hairy baby for sure... nice!


The one with more hair is awesome. Now if only there were equations on the blocks... ;o)



kaloyster profile pic Alumni

He's a lil thin on top.

tomburns profile pic Artist

"That kids tupee is so off."

"He's a lil thin on top."

ok. again, here is the version of the BABY WITH MORE HAIR

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

I actually thought that you deliberately made the baby's head look freakish to accentuate how smart it is.

If that's not part of the idea then I definitely prefer him with more hair too.

tomburns profile pic Artist

the 'less hair' baby version is actually what the real baby that i did the art from looks like, but people are having trouble looking at it, so I added more hair. i like the more hair version now too.

herky profile pic Alumni

more hair baby ftw, great design and optical illusion.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I can't believe ppl are giving you shit about the fucking hair, the illustration is amazing. It looks fine with less or more hair.

tomburns profile pic Artist

thanks dudes, robsoul, you da man! :)

j c

Someone should stop this man from being so cool. Can you tell us why the kid has 6 fingers? (5$ even if there's no competition with you in ; -) )

j c

Wait he doesn't have 6 finges. Sorry mate. :D

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

baby with more hair is genius!
Really like your concept!


This little tot - with some hair, much hair, or no hair at all - is going to fry all you non-believers with his ginormous brain, once he rises to power. Silly mortals.

$5 :)


love your work, i think i own all but one of your shirts (and that one was sold out :) )
and i like the baby with more hair, even though
babies dont really have that much hair
and the one above is prolly more accurate...
it just looks like receding hairline
so baby with more hair :)


and for the record, imbrilliant and i posted at the same time
so i didnt steal the receding hairline bit

tomburns profile pic Artist

sweet, thanks! :)

aled profile pic Alumni

Great illustration and idea. The 'more hair' version is better. Would you consider making the hair blonde? - using the cream colour? I think the fact that the hair looks thick at the back and completely bald at the front is what most people find off-putting.

franx profile pic Alumni

this is a great design!

cpdesign profile pic Alumni
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$5 for the updated version. Great concept and illo. Nice!

tomburns profile pic Artist

thanks dudes!

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