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whirzle1 profile pic Artist

if you don't know what the pen 15 club is the you should definitely join!


many a time has my hand been defiled into the pen15 club

Darkie profile pic Alumni

Join today and you can be the honorary head!


This brings back middleschool memories.

I might buy it for a friend but I wouldn't wear it XD

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

Squince2 on Jun 21 '06
Don't know what it means..haha I've gotta go to google to look it up.

Thanks for taking the time to google it. It seems like many voters just type - "what? I don't get it" and give out zeros without taking the extra 15 seconds to "get it." (I guess you could've google'd it and still given me a zero...but thanks for taking the time anyway.)

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

^^not voters on this shirt, but on others I've seen.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

theres a tshirt that says "my pen is big" too

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

The shirt design itself doesn't actually say pen15 on it (other than the title). It's really making the joke that there actually is a Pen 15 club.

...apparently, the joke isn't that good. :)


i get it. tongue in cheek and not the most blatant thing. you woudl have had to be one of the goofy kids in elementary school


I don't think its supposed to be the Pen 15 Club - just the Pen Club - thats how you reel people in "Hey look I'm Pen 13 and Jonny is Pen 14, do you want to join our Pen club?"

... not that that actually matters to the design in question


hahaha!! I know who I'm buying this for if it gets printed!

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

yourpoizen on Jun 24 '06
im going to be very honest with you james...your shirt sucks major back! haha.


dunno what that club is but

pen15 = penis :P

renfrue profile pic Alumni

lol bump

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