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The Pearfect Pair

Design by arkanghel

The Pearfect Pair by arkanghel on Threadless
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arkanghel profile pic Artist

"Others are envious because it's so obvious that you and I have nothing to fear for we are the perfect pair" -- klark


if you could unify the styles it would look a lot cooler, you know? like the cartoony pears are cute, but they clash with the tree stuff. but i like the idea.

arkanghel profile pic Artist

yeah i know what you mean... can definitely fix that, its pretty easy.. it looks good on the girl though, don't you think?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Cute idea, but the tree in the background could be more detailed, the hearts could be a bit less sloppy, and the pears look like they are placed in front of the tree without much cohesiveness. I'm not trying to be mean, just show you what needs some fixing for an overall fun idea. Good luck to you here!

arkanghel profile pic Artist


I see what you mean.. but don't you think the tree will overpower the pears if i start putting detail into it.. i made the tree like a silhouette so that its just a subtle background... what do you think?

arkanghel profile pic Artist


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