The Peace Grenade

Design by henry_brazil

The Peace Grenade by henry_brazil on Threadless
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I could actually do without the little instruction tag. I think inside the grenade could use some work. The monochromatic thing isn't quite working out. Definitely not on white, and lose the signature logo. That's generally frowned upon around here.

Sorry, I know that sounds like a lot of complaints, but the design interests me. I wouldn't bother with suggestions otherwise.


Keep the tag, makes the design complete imo.

Frank Vice

i thought this was spires lawl


I like it the way it is. $4

wotto profile pic Alumni

I really like this - good idea well executed - good work soldier 5

wotto profile pic Alumni

one thing - get rid of the marijuana leaves - far too cliche. then I'll 5$ it

Xtin Sane

Maybe you simplify the tag on the front, and put the detailed tag on the sleeve or the back on shoulder instead...

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

cool. really well made.




Great Job Henry


Like it!
But it loks too much like a perfume flacon.


I like it but red looks like blood - peace should be another color maybe??

Tonteau profile pic Alumni



i love love love the colours and the style, but wouldnt wear it because of the peace concept and the smilies :( but its so pretty..but its so cheesy..but its so pretty..but..


I agree w/ the folks who said to change the tag to just the peace symbol, & also to changing the pot leaves to flowers. Very nice design overall. I like the rose/lavender, light blue & bolder green color choices best.


add some dimension to the things inside the grenade with other colors.. please keep the tag! change it up a bit though, take out the piece sign inside the tag and "the peace grenade." keeping the instructions of how to use it and all the little peace-y type things inside get it across for me.

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