The Outback Cowboy

Design by WanderingBert

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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Did you know that in Australia cowboys ride giant kangaroos? Neither did I until I drew this.

Only uses 3 colours.

courtney pie

haha. this works SO well with Leons cowboy sub

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

nice one mate! =D 5

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! I thought about having a boomerang, but considering it was traditionally an Aboriginal hunting tool I thought it idn't quite fit. Having said that, I could always add in a boomerang and put it in a holster on his belt if anything came of this design.


that's so funny! great job! $5


ha! awesome.



nice work! 5$!


love this sooo an aussie too.dont change it to a boomerang...coz that takes away the cowboy perspective and just makes it a guy riding a kangaroo holding a boomerang.i love how you did uluru aswell. $5

Ava Adore with the lasso i say
is aussie too

olie! profile pic Alumni

Another great concept mr. WanderingBert, I also think a boomerang would have been even awesomer too!


dear god...


Screw the boomerang, what he needs is a big-ass "knoife". As a Australian who's visited the amazing Uluru, I totally get a kick outta this design.

Why oh why have you not been printed yet?!


i like uluru but not convinced by your kangaroo. the face seems more dingo than skippy, who is kind of too big for my liking. the idea has legs though.

@ auxocrome - before you ask, yes, melbourne born.

walmazan profile pic Alumni


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