The Organ Grinder

Design by DesignbyProxy

The Organ Grinder by DesignbyProxy on Threadless
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awww i like both :)


Yay, it's finally up! $5. And I think I decided I like green/blue best. This really is a nice design.


Great colors, clever sub. Hate that font but won't count you down for it... 5

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

haha.. the font isn't on the shirt silly...thanks!


Oh, I know it's not on the shirt. We both know there are those voters who do score lower because of the presentation of the design. I can't stand that tho, it's silly.


i really like this, but would like the organ to be a more drastically different color than the grinder. still, 4.


i want to grind this design, in that sexual kind of way

hogboy profile pic Alumni

haha snap... I was about to start on a sub called organ grinder... of course mine was just a scary drawing of a guy playing an instrument with a clockwork monkey on his shoulder, no twists...damn it!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

Thanks for the nice comments!!!

believe it or not, my idea started out like that hogboy...I was gonna have a marionette style monkey holding a jack in the box...(like my previous design) but then I was like...OMG! a grinder. sweet. Took some inspiration from APY and Jublin on color, and then just asked other bloggers if the idea was worth subbing. PS Can't wait to get my hands on destroy NYC.


Nice one!


AWESOME! 5$, most definitely. I think I like the pink a bit more, as it's got a little more contrast agains the gray, although both are great.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

...why would the words, placement, color and detail be on the shirt?...that makes no sense. no they are not going to be on the shirt.


Nice choice of colors


This is fun
I'd wear it
I miss you

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

haha wow, over a year later...thanks... I may rework this someday.

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