The one with the tarantula, the chicken, the monke

Design by rodrigobhz

The one with the tarantula, the chicken, the monke by rodrigobhz on Threadless
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rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

The full title is "“The one with the tarantula, the chicken, the monkey, the duck, the sphynx cat and the jellyfish”

I always wanted to do a tribute to this awesome tv show called FRIENDS. So, I collected 7 animals that participated in the show and put them imitating this CLASSIC picture. Each animal makes reference to one of the 7 characters. Here are the situations which they appear and their connection with each character:

The Tarantula - The one where Phoebe gives Joey the tarantula. And he's terrified of the spider.

The Chicken - The one where Joey buys Chandler a live baby chicken because they're on sale after Easter. Later, they discover that it's a rooster.

The Monkey - The one where Marcel (an illegal exotic monkey rescued from a laboratory) it's given to Ross.

The duck - The one where Joey buys Chandler a duck.

The cat - The one where Rachel buys herself a psychotic hairless sphinx cat named Mrs. Whiskerson.

The jellyfish - The one where they all go to the beach looking for Phoebe's birth mother and a jellyfish burns Monica's foot. To help her, Chandler pees on her foot.

I hope fans and non-fans dig this design. It's all about friendship, animals, funny situations and gold peephole frame. :P


I'm such a huge fan of the show, love it! 5$

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

ah so cool!

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Sweet! :D

bengineer profile pic Alumni

great work! $5

ndikol profile pic Alumni



It should be on purple to match the colour in the girls' apartment.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

great! 5$

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

wow 5$

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

this is really awesome

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Amazing, print 5$

Underdawg profile pic Alumni

This would have sold like crazy 10 years ago when the show was still big.

Nevertheless I like it a lot!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni


lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

friends forever!


I also agree it should be printed on a purple tee, the same colour as the apartment.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

$5! great tribute to a great show

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Without the reference which i wouldn't get having not been a big fan of Friends, this looks like one of the most insanely random tees I have ever seen cobbled so beautifully together on Threadless.

And that by itself makes it a winner.


Really adorable. Also without understanding the friends allusion it's just a cool tee! I especially like the jellyfish :)


I'm not a big fan of friends but this, i really really want it, maybe two, or three....ONE A DAY WANNA THIS!

briancook profile pic Alumni

I bet this would be funnier if I knew anything about FRIENDS besides the theme song (don't ask!) Great design none-the-less!!!


i love it!! but didn't joey pee on monica, not chandler?


ha ha..good idea..

herky profile pic Alumni

excellent $5

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