The object is simple.

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The object is simple. by jbyron on Threadless
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ya me too ~!

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I finally see what those that have a problem with the angle are seeing (if that makes sense).
It seems the smaller X is creating a forced-perspective issue. It is supposed to create the illusion of distance,
but I intended for the dotted lines to be taken literally. In other words the winning jump is GREATLY higher and longer than the other jump, so great that it wouldn't be possible - which is making some see an angle problem.
I could probably fix this, but I'm just too lazy.
Thanks for all the positive feedback though - always nice to read.

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It turns out I'm less lazy than I thought, go figure.
Earlier today I submitted a revised version of this design (first revision I've ever done, I feel I'm growing).
If you're a fan of the simplicity of this one, you may dislike the new one - but I think I solved the angle problem.
Anyway, watch out for it and if you voted positive for this one - share some of the love for my new one, should be up any day. Thanks.


damn, cant believe i looked over this one. very nice

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I may get thrashed for saying this on my future submissions, but many of the designs submitted on this site shouldnt be critiqued based on the absolute position of an object, or how 'off' something is. So I slightly disagree with sounDune. Much of my artwork is purposely uncentered...or mabye I really did want to make one eye larger than the other...or perhaps I didn't want a clean look, but a rather scribbly look to the artwork. If the designer corrected his artwork above, I think it wouldn't carry the same message he initially intended it to and the substance lost. Anyways, back to the subject...I think some of these designs should be critiqued based on the art itself, not how unproportioned it is.

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