the Nun with a Gun

Design by agentofrome

the Nun with a Gun by agentofrome on Threadless
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Took me a while to figure out what the text meant, then I realised it was a Catholic school reference, which kind of restricts your buying public for this design. Without that, I'd go for it.


i agree w/ghost117- hand needs to be on grip. gun looks kinda off to me. either the clip is too close or her left hand needs to be farther down the gun. her stance could be more solid and mean like she was about to bust a cap
that nun's gonna kick some Catholic school ass!! love the pissed off look.


great art. not so hot on the text.

moosabman profile pic Alumni

me gusta ^_^


Good. Would be A LOT better sans text.


I like the nun with the gun all by her lonesome. 5


it doesn't need the text at all..the art says everything...well done

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