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heldenstuff profile pic Alumni

Great idea! 5!


Great update to what is typically a tired, worn out theme here.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

this is depressing me..
but it's very well drawn -


Oh! Now I'm sad and nostalgic! Very well done though.

Mountain Gnome

Very nice Idea and well executed a 5 from the gnome!

.java profile pic Alumni

good context! it is unfortunately true...

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I love the little prince... but I don't see the allusion, I guess.


cool work, profile pic Artist
2 designs submitted - Score now!

Do you know Little Prince?
Yes, this looks familiar, and?

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

your work never stops amazing me mang



dacat profile pic Alumni

Great work as usual man! $5


Great one!! cool idea!! 5$

briancook profile pic Alumni

I just watched a claymation version of the little prince that was super creepy. Awesome job on this one.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

awesome and incredible good $5


Remidns me of Super Mario Galaxy.


SWEET. Love the "happiness inc." and the rose in a jar.


I am SO going to buy this if it gets picked. I remember this book from middle school.


YES. So many lame "planet" ones around. This is one of the finest. Thank you. :)


Did DrNolove invented circles in a shirt?

DrNolove will not buy one of those, but 3 thousand others will. profile pic Artist
2 designs submitted - Score now!

Thanks to all comments!
And Dr., definitely you make me laugh!


and you actually think he jacked the idea from you?

This is lame...


Great Work Man!!!
You Have a BIG ideas!!




hahaha... I think DrNoLove is showing NoLove at all... =P come on man, you really think that your sketch was jacked and became this piece of art we see here? please... use a little of your common sense... he based his work on a book for Christ sakes! you must be colorblind or something to just think this work looks like yours... come on... stop bugging the ones that really know how to design and if you think your ideas are so good, go sell them and buy a patent...

btw, VERY NICE WORK again Draco! don't bother with his nonsense!


aí ô pela saco do cacete. o cara manda pra caralho no desenho e tu vem dizer que essa prora que tu fez aí é boa pra caramba. e o que ele faz é o que? tem palavras? aprenda a desenhar mais uns 5 anos que aí vc, de repente, terá uns 20% do que eo draco faz. Enquanto isso, fica no sapatinho que de parecido, o desenho dele ñ tem nada com o teu. Com esse nome aí, Dr,NoLove, tu tem que trabalahr com disque sexo filhão. Fala com o Rodrigo Reis lá que ele te orienta. Abração e fica na moral aí.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Cool design and a very clever idea! 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni

nice design


Draco, great great great work!

It's amazing how do you concept this. Congrats. 5$$$

DrNoLove, put your self in your place.

paulobbruno profile pic Alumni

Dr. NoLove invented the world !! hahahahHAUHAUHAUHhauhauhauhau

draco filhão! 5$


so, life is hard boy.
How about try to have another idea, you know, if you plan to work in this area you need to be creative, and trying to do the same thing again is not being creative.
Actually you can still do your world if you use your talented to show something different.
And You said that Draco stole your idea. But this illustration plays a other point of view, it´s not about choosing a better planet like yours, it´s just showing a tragic outcome to the little prince story.

It´s clear that he did NOT intend to steal your idea, sometimes people from all over the world get simmilar ideas even when they have no contact with each other.
I did a t-shirt design that used the same idea of one that was done here, about a kid under a monster bed, and later saw the threadless one.Sometimes coincidences happens.


DrNolove : This design is yes, original!
Unlike, it seems, he has thousands of shirts, several ideas. No need to copy from someone who only has one.
You was not the first person to make a world in a design, if it were so, nobody could draw, it would be plagiarism. Repense their accusations, you ta doing shit.


stole your ideia DrNolove?! Kiss my "earth" man!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Very nice, I really like the perspective and colors!

Edword profile pic Alumni

yep another great design.

walmazan profile pic Alumni


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