The Non-Food Pyramid

Design by ivejustquitsmoking

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ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

Enjoy :)

Works on brown or black.
Simulated Process

Thanks for the kind votes :p


Not as good as the other two, but I still like it.


woulda bin sweet on turquoise or sumthin, I still just want to eat it all

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

awesome idea and execution!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Now that's a nutritional pyramid i could get behind.


I am going to come to your house and eat all your candy!

p.s. I like this series, keep it up


the golden spatula

I love this series! I agree with brentendo though, turquoise would have been eye-popping good!


Dude, are you like on a candy high lately? lol

band-it profile pic Alumni

i would eat this shirt
i mean wear

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

^ well there's no looking back :) I was actually expecting this to drop early

thanks for the comments guys!


i like the idea of organizing the pyramid a little bit.


love it.. just change the color of the t shirt.. like blue??.. any of the colors used n the candy


Still love the skull, but they are all fun eye candy.

MrsBBC, you just took a photo of some candy?

I saw an art installation in New Zealand that was makign a commentry on our current obsession with medication by presenting pills and childrens sweets together.

This t-shirt reminds me of that, except that the design is boring and uninspiring....the composition is poor and, yep, generally disinteresting, sorry

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

my prediction for April Fools Underscored Shirt Print if they do it this year

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