The Nightstalker

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The Nightstalker by whirzle1 on Threadless
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whirzle1 profile pic Artist

My own Nosferatu.

Two colors with shiny red vinyl for the blood area. (I don't remember seeing any previous Threadless prints with vinyl and thought this could be a good use for it.)

There's an alternate color version for the squeamish here

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Look way awesome, I really like the color choices!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

so goodddd

mezo profile pic Alumni

Delightful colors but the nightstaker's hand on the girl's face could be worked better.

mezo profile pic Alumni

...and also her ear seems off.

toopersent profile pic Alumni

awesome color and style. 4 from me.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Such a nice use of the black shirt. Two characters on a tee have seldom seemed so scary and dead-locked in a battle for life and/or lunch. Great colors and terorr seeping off this one.


anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

agree with FA!
so COOL!


good illo!


Looks like BatBoy from the Weekly World News

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments!

I didn't even think about Bat Boy! I was really thinking of Count Orlok from the Nosferatu silent movie. I was always thought he was pretty horrific looking, especially for such an old movie.

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

or rather "I always thought..."

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

I could maybe see that - my linework got a little heavy/thick on some of the shadows. I wanted to experiment with a different style for this one - I think it still works, though.

Thanks again for all the comments!

also - what do you guys think about the vinyl area? Good/bad idea? A high gloss varnish (do they do that for tshirts?) would work, too. I just thought it'd be pretty horror-ific to have wet-looking blood.


Scary! Nice!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

i like the heavy line work. makes me think of charles burns. this is so scary i couldn't wear it but i still think it is amazing

whirzle1 profile pic Artist


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