The Night Projectionist

Design by .MINUS.

The Night Projectionist by .MINUS. on Threadless
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.MINUS. profile pic Artist

This is my design for The Secret Handshake Loves Comp. I decided to play literally off of the theme "Midnight Movie".

Depending where you are, the stars are the best "Midnight Movie" that there is. On my shirt they have gathered together to form a movie reel and are giving you a "Midnight Movie" like only they can. This is your chance to be the night sky and put on a show.

The design is 7 colors (white, 3 silvers, 3 blues) with an extra layer of Metallic Clear to be printed over top of everything. This will give it a overall sparkly night sky kind of feel. The design is to be printed large all over with the shooting stars wrapping around. The design also looked good belt printed right off of the bottom of the shirt.


I love it, especially because i am a media junkie!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

kick ass stuff man! $5


fav shirt from the competition. i'll cry if it doesn't print and noone wants to make anyone cry...


awesome design, but personally i think it's too big on the shirt.

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

The size and placement on this one can be changed! YES, it took a long time but with all the love it's getting so far it was totally worth it! Thanks so much everyone! I love seeing all of those $5 and hearing all of those shouts for a "PRINT". It is so great.


love it. melikes those colours together very much too.


I'd like to see what it looks like with only the silver colour foiled and the rest normal-inked... but this must be printed nonetheless!

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody! YOUR comments are beautiful. Thanks so much.

.MINUS. profile pic Artist


igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

This should have scored way higher. Really beautiful design and I love the size on the shirt. Hope you win the comp!

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