The Night of Clouds and Stars

Design by yetitutu

The Night of Clouds and Stars by yetitutu on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Would love to see this bigger on the tee or at least fade out the borders on the edges more gradually, love the scene otherwise on here, especially the tree borders up top. Very unique work.


I love these, but I think you're really hurting your chances by submitting so many versions at once.

yetitutu profile pic Artist

Well, when I first submitted the 3 with-jar-outline submissions, I suddenly noticed that the design will be much better without the jar outline. So while my submissions were still under pending status, I stayed up late in night and quickly resubmitted the revised 3 without the jar outline. I assumed/figured Threadless would simply delete my first 3 submissions, but unfortunately Threadless didn’t while the original submissions were still under pending status. There is really nothing that I can do on my part. Sorry for that many submissions running.


They would delete them if you emailed them. But even 3 and even 2 are too many. You actually run the risk of being declined; also voters will come across them in random order and might feel annoyed by the time they get to score the 'good one'.

In my opinion, you should ask for delete and resub only in case of a major glitch. If not, you can resubmit a new version after a while (weeks, at least) and substantial reworking.

Good luck anyway! =)

yetitutu profile pic Artist

Manupix Thanks! I will email Threadless now to see if they can delete my previous submissions. I was thinking about emailing them before, but wasn't sure if they will still delete them after the submissions are up and running.

yetitutu profile pic Artist

I have emailed Threadless to delete my extra submissions. Hopefully they will get back to me. Thanks for the comments!

yetitutu profile pic Artist

Thank you all!

maudieandma profile pic Alumni

luv this one too!


this is cool

but the mock up is just too boxy, why don't you put it on a fit size like full print.....

no offense, just my personal thought but you have my vote, anyway

yetitutu profile pic Artist

Thanks! I still have to figure out what I can do better with the borders!


Interesting artwork that will be that much nicer with the border re-worked.

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