The New Prophet

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The New Prophet by (matthijs) on Threadless
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Aren't all religions comprised of people who believe there's something more?

(matthijs) profile pic Artist

I thought a good start for a new trend is a new religion. And what do most people who are not really religious believe in? Right, in 'something more'. So in order to reach that large group of people you need this shirt. Just to make sure they will follow you and your believes the shirt says 'FOLLOW ME' on the back. Of course you need a lot of donations, so you will get rich, that's the main reason for starting a religion these days. I see no reason why this shouldn't work. After all, people even fell for the scientology church...


this is frighteningly similar to one of my slogans... which may already exist, since it came to me in a dream.


I'm not really a huge fan of the colors, but I love the text

chisafer profile pic Alumni

Whoa. Threadless should start their own religion.
$4, but print as a text tee; not much design.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

as is already said: nice and clever one!


Clever. One of my favourites so far.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

One of the better designs in this comp.

(matthijs) profile pic Artist

since when is text not design?


since they created textees? i think it would be a design if it didn't have a 'text written in a font' look to it


It's brilliant. I don't know whether I'd buy it, but the FOLLOW ME on the back is great. Even though I do not want to be followed at all...


I love it. I'd wear it. Bonus points for correct use of an apostrophe.


Everyone should be asked if they "get" this shirt before thier account is activated. I can't stand the thought of people who don't get it scoring it.

$5, tres clever.


Good idea! L Ron Hubbord started scientology and he's rolling in money! I like!

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