The Nature of Science

Design by Potopuku

The Nature of Science by Potopuku on Threadless
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I find this way too busy. I wouldn't wear it. I might like to see the darker color version, though.


now that there is incredible!


I see little that has to do with science, but more that has to do with electronics or electricity.
You need to include some Physics formulas in there, as well as some binary byte-code, a Bohr model and maybe a MO diagram or two, some beakers and a mass scale, a periodic table of elements, a couple of conglomerate rocks and a skull, or even some mathematical symbols (in terms of pure science).




It seems a little busy to me, but overall a great design. The 5 color limitation is unfortunate, because this design seems to need more colors to bring out the details.


Oh, and under no circumstances will I wear a pink shirt. Just something to think about. Would work for girls though, I suppose.

badnobe profile pic Alumni

b eautiful!!!love th ehalftone effect.


love the halftones... but for me its too far from the theme... 3$


The pattern is way too fine for a screen print on a tee, but I dig the art.


Hmm...sicence is the study of the natural world, so your concept is kind of flawed. It is more like "the nature of technology."

It's a nice design, I just don't like the concept/title.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

i missed to score this, and i will SCORE 5, love your imagination and illustration, welldone! potopuku!! :D

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