The Natural Order

Design by angelito

The Natural Order by angelito on Threadless
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It's good to finally see you submitting, GoOD lUck Adrienne first 5 is from me.


i love how the black plant's color and detail contrast with the solid, colorful flowers; very nice (i like the orange best) $5

staffell profile pic Alumni

yes very serene 5$

spacesick profile pic Alumni

me like it 5$


love it! very pretty. i'd like to see it on a darker shirt color too


you really should have put this design on a shirt with your brother wearing it! would have been a 6 and above, but i guess i can only give you a 5!



it's good to see someone gets the individual do-it-yourself wall decal idea (i was wondering with some of the blik subs)

you captured simple, serene, organic shapes that i could see being sold in stores and used as decoration

but, I have two issues:
1) i don't think the design as subbed works very well for a t-shirt
2) the leaves and flower idea while commercially very viable seems a little too uninspired for the "off the wall" threadless/blik design

fc gravy

this is a breautiful design (the oringe one).


if i didnt develop pit stains, id totally rock the white!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Its very pretty as a design. I think it could have worked better on a more colorful shirt, but this is nice too.

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