The Music Box

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The Music Box by denji on Threadless
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Bigger doggies!!


I love the dogs. What do they have to do with the other "stuff"?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Nothing on this shirt really smacks me over the head while proclaiming "look at me! admire my beauty!" But overall, nothing offensive here. Just nothing eye-grbbing.


brighter colours on a black shirt, and i would definitely buy this! 5$

herky profile pic Alumni

great style and colors, the dogs are awesome


I love this, everything about it, except I agree that it should be bigger. Do that, and you have yourself a 5.


i love how you drew the dogs. C: 5

liich profile pic Alumni

interesting design but it looks a little....dirty with the colours used (i like the colour combination, but, the design itself looks like dirt on the leaf bits in the fall on a muddy ground). the design is really interesting. the dogs are fine whether they're there or not. remind me of the RCA dogs. :) i'd say change the colours...muted is fine, but maybe try something that doesn't look so...much like soil. :D good, overall. $4


I must say, this design is absolutely amazing.

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