The Mundane Things. . .

Design by backtozero

The Mundane Things. . . by backtozero on Threadless
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It's the Mundane Things. . . that make life secretly exciting and colorful.

Under the Matthew Dear Loves theme: It's good to be alive!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

dude i'm crazy about the colors on this one! at maganda rin sya sa itim. ayos! $5

backtozero profile pic Artist

thanks nikolina, salamat tol! :)


why does the toothpaste all look like slugs?

backtozero profile pic Artist

yes, fungi, they are all meant to be slugs! :) Coz it's really good to be alive.


strange subject, but really attractive design


I like it on the kids tee... interesting concept\nice colours... nice work!




nice colors

backtozero profile pic Artist

How do you do the things you do and make the things you make and get me to love everything you make and fill with love? Well, answer me dammit!

awwww, i really don't know, but thanks for the support, Evan, and everyone else!!! :)

bout the cut n paste thing, it wasn't really part of the original, but when I was playing with the placement, one big toothbursh really looked awkward, so I experimented with things, and this was the result, plus I think it would fit the theme more.


I'm not a fan of the cut-paste look, even though you fit it into the theme in a reasonable way. I love the colors; it looks like there has to be more than five. I think if you took this a step further, making changes to the toothbrushes and maybe adding color to them, this would be a really good sub. This is good as is, though; I love your interpretation of the theme.


i like the lower placement

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Lovely line work! I find the snails disturbing because I imagine brushing my teeth with one of those brushes and... shivers But the design is awesome!

backtozero profile pic Artist

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