The Moth - Life Cycle

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The Moth - Life Cycle by eladear on Threadless
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I've been fascinated with the Death's Head Hawk Moth since the release of "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991). So I had a simpler moth design, and based on feedback in the Critique area, I created something more elaborate.

This design was recently in voting running, but there was a glaring mistake. The order of the cycle was wrong. My fault, I think I may have forgotten my glasses while I was drawing. Oops. Threadless was kind enough to stop the voting for it, and allow me to edit and resubmit. Now it is correct. Thanks for everyone who let me know and will be open to giving this design a chance.

I put three stages. Of course the larva is born from the egg, but visually doesn't give that much impact. And it is born as a caterpillar, so started there. Each cycle is represented visually with a circle.

I hope you like this design.


five as promised

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No, it isn't after life, but it can have various symbolisms. I was inspired to create the Death's Head Hawk Moth, a species that has on its torax a human like skull. It is known for that characteristic trait. And moths in the many cultures represent death... so yes, there is some connection to what you are saying and also why they called it "Death's Head..."

I studied about this moth for some time years ago, it is quite interesting certain mythologies. Clearly, they don't mean much if you don't believe it and in movies and books, it is just a visual factor... cool seeing moths flying around.


Looks a cool design - maybe if it wrapped round a bit more from the bottom to the top?


faint skull makes t 50% cooler at least

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Colors are sweet

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