The Most Dangerous Sport

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The Most Dangerous Sport by Krimson on Threadless
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This is an idea that popped into my head while i was watching the Olypics, and it stuck in there until i could get it down. The idea is that a fencer, who really has no practicality in a real fight, gets to match his foil against a polar bear. It is a polar bear because they most resemble fencer's white-garb, and are well suited to practical and real life situations.
(thanks to the threadless community for their invaluable help during the critique process)

Who do you think will win?

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Great colors!

Krimson profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for their comments. i just wanted to address two things quickly. First of all, I was a fencer for quite a long time, and that pose is pretty authentic. If the hand position looks a bit awkward, I assure you, it is an uncomfortable pose to hold until one gets used to it. Secondly, don't let my explaination sway your read of the design, if you see something different, that is fine.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

I think people (well booogles) are trying to take this for more than what it is

it's a fencer and a polar bear dueling! and it's nicely drawn.

hope to see more stuff from you, Krimson!


I know the pose is authentic (I studied smallsword), but the left hand is still authentically rendered. It may simply be that there are too many lines squished into one small space. You might try to break the line between the index finger and thumb and see if it feels a little better.

Also, it doesn't feel like a polar bear to me. I can't quite explain why, but it has something to do with the shape and proportions of the head. I don't know, I was just surprised when you said it was a polar bear, though the variety of bear is probably not key anyway.

I get a kick out of the idea though. I think it's funny. Personally, if I had to fight a bear I don't know if I'd pick my smallsword.


i like it made me laugh


I love this.

Krimson profile pic Artist

heh, wow, I'd forgotten I designed this. But dont worry bort, all my stuff is underscored =P

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