the moon still sucks

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the moon still sucks by se5k on Threadless
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WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

I'd say this is a lot better than your first. The text (What it says and the style of writing) is much better.


i like this


I think this concept is really funny (I lol'd), but the illustration is just not so great. It's mainly the top of the lunar lander that's bothering me.


Yes, something to break my streak of either skipping or voting low. I'd buy this.

aled profile pic Alumni

Haha. This is class. I have an idea developing at the moment, which is along the same lines. I may submit it in the future, but enough about me! I really like this - well done. Made me chuckle. 4$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man, i was really hoping you would go all out with the astronauts, having them walk ALL OVER YOUR t-shirt with little footprints ending on the bootom right or top left or vice versa, with the lunar lander on one location and them on the other, with the astronauts finally complaining that "the moon sucks", "space sucks". or just "this sucks". 3 as it is now, but 5$ if you re-wroked it AGAIN with a little more imagination for using the entire t-shirt to tell the story.

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