The Metro-Tie

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The Metro-Tie by PanicOffice on Threadless
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This idea started as a doodle in my sketchbook. Then a friend of mine made a 3D rendering of it. Then I took that rendering, and brought back the "hand drawn" quality back to it in Illustrator. That made it a simple, 5 solid color print. There is a light version for a light blue shirt, and a dark version for a black shirt. The only change is the "tie clip" at the top.


Cool. The perspective on the surface of the twisted strip is great but it I for one wouldn't recognize that it's a tie as a whole.

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The art itself has nothing to do with a tie. It's only a tie because of the placement of the print :)


Sweet! Why didn't you finish it further down the shirt and give it some kind of awesome capper ending to the design? That's the only thing that is holding this one back...


Also, some cars, people, maybe even a plane and etc would really populate this tie with awesome.


well done it' best for a print!!

come to see my work

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Well, the idea was, that if you just make it the whole shirt, it's just a shirt. But since the design was a strip, I wanted to make it look like a tie flapping around on your neck. I guess people didn't dig that too much. :) I guess I could do it as just a larger print extending down to the bottom of the shirt, but I really really like it as a tie. I think it looks cool, and I would totally buy that shirt :) But hey, it's mine :)

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