The Masterplan

Design by rodrigobhz

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i like it but i feel like the cats paw gets lost maybe if it was a darker color. But I think that this is cool


Great one! Funny stuff

walmazan profile pic Alumni

great work mate! $5, i love it


Great work on the details! $5

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it took me soooo much time to finally see the cat paw. definitely not the best colours picked for him :/ and it really doesn't help the punchline.

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

cool after i realized that wasn't a cat turd


i love cats, yet i must say this is sooooo funny!



briancook profile pic Alumni

Hilarious! My suggestion would be to take out the "masterplan" paper altogether. It's not adding anything to the punchline for me and the writing is too prominent. The pen is enough to show that the mice planned the whole thing I think. Great idea!

mreisel profile pic Alumni

Great work as usual! Thanks so much for scoring/commenting on my cat design! It is greatly appreciated!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree, it's a bit too detail-heavy for the final joke to really catch on, and a bit sad when you finally realize the cat is slowly dying in quicksand! Take this from a guy who uts too many details into the idea so it convolutes the main impact, maybe make the quicksand joke more obvious and just show the trap being made or finished, without the cat being caught and slowly sufficating. hehehe. I like the gewneral looney toons-ish idea, it just needs some massaging.


It took me a time to see the cat and get it right ...


love the joke, but took me too long to find it (even in the revision where I was looking for it...not sure how to fix that). would've loved to see the top of the cats head with an eyeball or two just going under the sand. either way, very creative! LOVE the celebrating mice!


Ahahaha! Truly cute and funny! :)

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

I love it, specially the mice characters. I agree the paw needs to be more noticeable.

herky profile pic Alumni

terrific characters!

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