The Martians Are Hungry

Design by Johnny Baboon

The Martians Are Hungry by Johnny Baboon on Threadless
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Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Artist

Watch out the martians are very hungry. Children and pets are conidered delicacies on mars. Yummy.

Crits and comment are welcome, cheers.



bsweber profile pic Alumni

obviously these particular martians are transparent, therefore if one had its hand on its head it would show through.......cmon guys if you're gonna be nit-picky think it through first. i think its hilarious! $5


i don't like how you handled the mouth on the alien eating the person (just knock out the shape behind the human's hand) but i like everything else. who doesn't like green jello aliens?

bsweber profile pic Alumni

the human missing a hand had its hand eaten by the kid alien i think

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