The Man who sold his soul (Resub in 5 colors)

Design by Jebs

The Man who sold his soul (Resub in 5 colors) by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

Hi, as it's one of my fav subs, i decided to make a 5 colors version, improved also graphically. So, here we go again, if you want ;-)
The subject: so, here we are at the door 666, and here is an allegory of the Death/Devil as you wish, where the human being see is “Soul” eaten , as he gave it for obscur reasons... (the head is symbolized as an egg, origin of life….well, remember alan parker “angel heart”, right?).

The Ending

I really love this design and the colours are fantastic. great work! 5$

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks! i hope it doesn't bother anyone that i decided to resub this one...comments are welcome! ;-)


Love it! Brilliant.

Seamus McClernan

Very "Clive Barkeresque" in its tone...

...which ain't nothing but good.

$5, or is it 5$ ???

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

excellent 5$


It looks like a representation of the Beast from the Bible (666)
where the shadow spells out what the man is really all about.

very nice improvements :)


I loved your original and I love this one even more. Great job!


awesome, 5

Jebs profile pic Artist

nice interpretation ;-) now, thinking about it, this sub is my first 5 colors sub...i will dig it in the future (no ones cares anyway lol).

herky profile pic Alumni

great colors and execution, love the ghastly flames at the door




I also however love the perspective given from the right corner mini version of the design. Its very captivating.


Gah, yet another comment only to expand and say I really do think it would look awesome flipped to be vertical, then it is like he is immerging from the depths of hell.
Thats the only thing I would change.

Jebs profile pic Artist

in fact, it was just a way to show the effect and that the shadow is not a trick, but his own shadow; in another way, but i don't think it will be better like that, because we won't see the beast, as easily as the original placement. thanks for comments!

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Awesome. Loved it the first time too.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is awesome! I'm not sure about it flipped... that seems to draw too much attention away from the figure in the door.

filak profile pic Alumni



It's really excellent, like the others versions, 5$ :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

yeah thanks dude! 30 years...i feel like i am 20 years old ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

yeah, i just went to your designs gallery, and i like your stuff. I think that your design about musical notes could have been a series of tees...(one musical note/tee) with a work around each one, with a background could be a possible winner in that way in my opinion.

Jebs profile pic Artist

ahah :-) well, i am always curious to discover the other works, creations, that's why i took time and pleasure to see yours...and as i didn't se Borat (yet), i didn't know that (famous?) quote ;-) just write on your blog when you print your designs, i'll be interested perhaps in wearing one of them ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

sorry, but you don't's just for fun, i like my 5 colors version, so i wanted to share it, that's all...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If you recall me making a mockery of the blog proceedings for this sub last time you submitted it with my incessant ravings about how amazing this design was, then you will know how i feel about it once again...every time you resubmit it looks 100 percent cooler than the previous time, and this time is no different! I like the added effect of the ghosts n' goblins coming out of the door leading away from hell, and the extra buttons and pendant and such on the figure in the doorway to math up even moreso with the reflection on the ground. 5$ once again, my good sir and maybe third time's the charm for this one?

Jebs profile pic Artist

oh...thank you so much for your comment, it's a real pleasure, i mean, i'm touched...simply. Thanks everybody too!

nintechno profile pic Alumni

damn, this design is brilliant!

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